“Practicing Decoloniality: A Practical Guide with Examples from Museums” – a Request for Conference Participants Feedback

Discussion on a draft of Practicing Decoloniality: A Practical Guide with Examples from Museums by Csilla Ariese (University of Amsterdam) and Magdalena Wróblewska (University of Warsaw/Museum of Warsaw), a book written as one of the outputs of the ECHOES Project. The book discusses six aims of decolonization of museums, namely: creating visibility, increasing inclusivity, decentering, championing empathy, improving transparency, and embracing vulnerability.

Authors write in their introduction:

In essence, decolonization is denormalization. Although there are no easy or uniform answers on how best to deal with colonial pasts, this collection of practices functions as an accessible toolkit from which museum staff can choose, experiment, and implement according to their own needs and situations. The book is divided into six chapters, each of which focuses thematically on one aim of decolonization. Each chapter begins with an essay in two parts, which describes what the particular challenge is of decolonizing according to that theme and then follows this up by describing ways in which change can be approached. Furthermore, each chapter contains four practical examples from museums around the world.

During an online meeting, Csilla and Magdalena would like to discuss with you the idea behind the book and to hear your suggestions for further examples or readings that would be of benefit to future readers.

If you wish to read a draft of the book, please contact us: echoes@is.uw.edu.pl

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