The Strategy of Creating and Presentation of African Collection in The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

There is a new problem in relations between African countries and the West connected with the restitution of ethnographic and art objects plundered during colonial period. It has great significance for museums, their collections, strategy of exhibitions. However, Polish collections are not carrying a stigma of robbery and violence. Poles in Africa usually used to be teachers, engineers, doctors or missionaries. During their African residency they gathered objects buying them or getting as gifts. The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw in its new exhibition is going to stress the cooperative attitude of Poles and present objects with well-documented provenance. Furthermore, the strategy of building collections in The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw bases on taking objects from Polish collectors like  Bojarscy Family from Nigeria or Krystyna Jankowska from Democratic Republic of Congo. The strategy besides practical matters addresses two important issues. The first one underlines the role of Polish collectors in the world African art market. The second one gives an opportunity for the museum to broaden knowledge about the acquisition of objects such as masks, fetishes, weapons by interviews.

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