Adriana Avram

Adriana Avram is a Ph.D. researcher in the field of Cultural Studies at the Centre for Excellence in Image Study, University of Bucharest, and a curator at the ASTRA Museum in Sibiu for the extra-European collections in Franz Binder Museum of Universal Ethnography. Her major research interest covers hypostases of exoticism concerning museification of material culture, intermediality, heritage interpretation. Selected papers: Heritage re-interpretation. Shifting perspective in „Franz Binder” Museum of Universal Ethnography from Sibiu, Romania (2020), Redefining the role of community-driven museums: reflections on/of displacement in District Six Museum, Cape Town (2020); Roma engagement in project design at ASTRA Museum (2016); Rebuilding context for Sami collections in „Franz Binder” Museum of World Ethnography (2016); Museum edutainment in rebuilding the main exhibition (2015).

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