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Nelly Bekus

Nelly Bekus, Associated Lecturer at University of Exeter, UK. She defended her Ph.D. in Sociology (2007) at the Polish Academy of Science, held research posts at Harvard University, the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna, New York University, and worked as Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw (2008-2012). She published monographs Struggle Over Identity: The Official and the Alternative Belarusianness (CEU Press 2010), co-authored Orthodoxy Versus Post-Communism? Belarus, Serbia, Ukraine, and the Russkiy Mir (Cambridge Scholars, 2016), and co-edited a special issue of International Journal of Heritage Studies ‘Heritage, Socialism and Internationalism’ (2020). Her publications also include over twenty articles and book chapters on urban heritage, nationalism, religious and linguistic identity, and social memory. Among her recent articles are “Agency of Internal Transnationalism in Social Memory”, British Journal of Sociology (2019), and “Transnational Circulation of Cultural Form: Multiple Logics of Heritage-Making” in the International Journal of Heritage Studies (2019).

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