Wojciech Szymański

Wojciech Szymański, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of the History of Modern Art and Culture at the Institute of Art History at the University of Warsaw. He is an independent curator and art critic; member of the International Association of Art Critics AICA, author of the book Argonauci.Postminimalizm i sztuka po nowoczesności. Eva Hesse – Felix Gonzalez-Torres – Roni Horn – Derek Jarman [The Argonauts. Postminimalism and Art After Modernism: Eva Hesse – Felix Gonzalez-Torres – Roni Horn – Derek Jarman] (2015), as well as over 40 academic and 100 critical texts published in exhibition catalogs, art magazines, and peer-reviewed journals and monographs. He has curated over thirty group and solo shows and art projects held in Poland and abroad, including several exhibitions of Roma contemporary artists and Roma art.

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